Magnaflux Machine

Magnaflux Machine is a device that is used in addition to Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine to discover crosswise cracks in the industrial machines. It is versatile and stable in nature for industrial uses. These machines are available in a wide variety with wide uses. The part of the tested object is placed in this machine inside a coil with an electric current then a magnetic field is created. It is the formation of Longitudinal Magnetization. It is used to check Crack for all devices between small and medium. This is secure, high value, and fast in nature. 

It is also known as Crack Detector because it helps to discover cracks. This method is used to discover cracks in connecting shafts, gears, Block engines, and cylinder heads. The process of Magnaflux Machine creates Magnetic waves to check tested objects, also the magnetic powder is sprinkled onto the tested object to discover the cracks in that object then MPI UV light is used to clearly visible the cracks. It is a difficult step to discover a large number of cracks in crankshafts because these are not seen by the normal human eye but by the use of Magnaflux devices, we can easily discover cracks.

Basic Features of Magnaflux Machine are :

  • Good quality organic materials

  • High performance 

  • Save from wastage

  • Long term life

  • Industrial Supportive 

  • Performative

  • Easy to Carry 

  • Discover Tiny Cracks also

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