Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI Machine)

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI Machine)

A magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Machine is a non-destructive testing device which can identify surface and slight subsurface defects in ferromagnetic materials. It is mostly used to carry out an item's fitness or compliance.

The materials contained in ferromagnetic materials are iron, nickel, cobalt, and some of their alloys. It is used to identify lengthwise cracks through circular magnetization. This machine shows the invisible defects and holds the iron powder which is passed across the electrical conductor in the Testing Machine. It involves a process to put a magnetic field in that part of the testing object which will be tested. There are two magnetised Direct and Indirect.

Direct magnetization is the process that forms when the current travels through the tested object and magnetic field, but when the magnetic field is applied from an outside force there is no electric current it travels through the test object, then the process forms is known as Indirect  Magnetization.

This MPI Machine is mostly used in all industries such as automotive, aerospace, steel, petrochemical, and power generation to detect a variety of products and equipment such as engine, suspension and braking system components, castings, forgings and weldments. It is applied on the tested part to identify a crack, and ferrous particles, either dry or in a wet suspension. It is applied on that area of flux leakage which is assessed to determine its nature, cause, and course of action, to form an indication. 

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It can discover surface or near-surface flaws such as breaks, flows, seams and inclusions in ferromagnetic materials such as iron and steel. 

The benefit derives from the magnetic particle inspection MPI Machine is the immediate indication of crack and discontinuity. The indication can be appraised by the operator to determine what is this, How is this caused, and what precautions should have been taken. 

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