NDT Inspection Machine

NDT Inspection Machine

A Non-destructive testing Inspection Machine, commonly known as  (NDT) Inspection Machine is a device which is used to determine, inspect, and measure fault, bond integrity, and other material conditions without permanently changing or destroying the examined part or product. The Device includes a broad variety of machines which are used for different purposes namely thickness indicator, crack checker, material condition testers, and eddy current instruments, as well as devices that measure dynamism, resistivity and erosion. Common technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment include radiography or X-ray analysis, laser holography or gaging, penetrant testing, and magnetic particle testing.

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Methods of NDT inspection Machine :

  • Acoustic emission NDT.
  • Dye penetrant NDT.
  • Radiography NDT.
  • Magnetic particle inspection NDT.
  • Eddy Current NDT.
  • Ultrasonic testing NDT.

Benefits Of Non-Destructive Testing Machines

  • No Wastage of Materials and Increasing Production Quality and Reliability.
  • Excellent Testing,Prevent Blockage and Accidents.
  • Identify an exact area of detection on time.
  • Time Saver and No halts.


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