DeMagnetizer is a magnetic tool that is used to convert a nonmagnetic device into a magnetic device for a short-term period. It is also known by the name of DeGausser because it is created to connect or detach a magnetic field. The process of how they work on all types of DeMagnetizer tools is the same. It works by changing the position of electrons of that particular device to make it parallel to the magnetic field formed by a magnetic tool. That particular device such as the screwdriver did not stay magnetic forever by the use of this tool. This tool only provides a temporary hour change in the magnetic field and then gets back to its original position.

It can help when the screws fall from your screwdriver, by the creation of a temporary magnetic field to attract the screws at that time. It provides the liberty to change the magnetic field of a metal device at any time. This device is basically used to remove the magnetic field.

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