The MPI UV Lamp is a type of lamp which is used to reduce the bacteria. It is used for cleaning the water, air and incompressible objects from bacteria. This lamp is also known as a germicidal lamp. It is fixed in the Magnetic Participle Inspection Machine (MPI). The UV Light (Ultraviolet Light ) is an electromagnetic ray which is not seen by the human eye but it exists. UV light is used to analyse biological materials at crime branches. Because of its virus and bacteria killing nature, it is used to sanitise our food and water, and also for medical and biological research facilities. 

The length of the wave of UV rays is between 1,000 to 4,000 Angstroms (100 to 400 nm) in the electromagnetic spectrum. The UV Light is also known as Black light. We have emerged as the MPI UV Lamp Manufacturer from Ghaziabad to pan India and currently providing UV lamps. We as a manufacturer only use UV-A light for manufacturing lamps because it is in the range of 3,500 to 3,800A. The higher range from UV-A can cause skin burns and eye diseases to us. We specifically Design and  Manufacture UV-A LED 365/4 light for MPI and illumination testing Devices. This is the most low cost product in the wide variety of UV-LED Lamps. UV-A, the product in the category of UV Light lamps, is the least visible light which is used for improving the testing correctness. LED UV Lamp which is easy to carry anywhere, as we can say it is a portable lamp that is basically used for fluorescent non-destructive testing applications Like fluorescent magnetic particle inspections and fluorescent penetrant testing .

MagnatechRmc use the best quality materials to manufacture UV lamps and instructs our team members to design lamps as per the rules of UV light. These products are most suitable for medical lines such as dental practices for a variety of purposes, like killing germs and sunburnt, radiotherapy, creating fluorescent effects, and curing inks and resins. 

Magnatech RMC is a well-known MPI UV Lamp Manufacturer and Supplier, offering a wide range of MPI UV lamps such as Low-Pressure tubes, Spotlights, UV LED Light (Hand Held), UV LED (Bar Type) and UV LED Light (Flood Type). We provide these products but after complete inspection by our engineers. Our aim is to give full satisfaction to our clients by our services.