Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine - HMI based

Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine - HMI based

Magnetic particle inspection is a method of detecting invisible cracks and other defects in ferromagnetic materials, such as iron and steel. This method of inspection is a non-destructive test, which means it is performed on the actual part without damage to the part; it is not applicable to nonmagnetic materials.

HMI (Human- Machine Interface) based Magnetic Particle Inspection machine is a Fully Automatic Machine with Smart Touch Panel.

  • Features of HMI Magnetic Particle Inspection machine:

• COUNTER: Machine has the facility of count the rejected and OK Job as decided by operator.

• Buzzer: If the job is not clamp properly than the machine has facility to alarms or stop.

• RECIPE: Machine has the facility to make the recipe according the different type of jobs. i. e. current, time, cycle etc.

• SELECT SPRAY MODE: Operator can Select the Spray before magnetize, after magnetize and during the magnetization cycle.

• SELECT CYCLE TIME: Select time for magnetize, spray, clamp, de-clamp.

• FAULT DISPLAY: Machine has the facility of fault display like Air pressure, Diode over temp. Phase absent or reverse problem, current low, or high or not pass in the job or any possible related fault.

• DATA: HMI screen has a facility to transfer all the data to pen drive for the full day cycle time.

• PROCESS DISPLAY: 3 different current Display flow chart of clamping, spray, magnetization, de-clamp & Demagnetization.

• Only one operator runs this machine instead of 2-3 operators

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