UV LED Light- (Hand Held)

UV LED Light- (Hand Held)

UV Technology is developed for Non destructive testing. Magnatech UV LED Light is used for examine the cracks on surface of metallic workpiece faster and more reliable which is to be inspected because of its high intensity light. 

The Magnatech UV LED type- 1D1 (intensity- 2500-3000 microwatt/cm), 1D3 (intensity- upto 6000 microwatt/cm), 4D1 (intensity- 3500-4500 microwatt/cm) and 4D3 (intensity upto 10,000 microwatt/cm) is a hand-held, portable & light weight UV LED Light for magnetic particle inspections machine. It is very easy to operate by using a single light switch.

All Magnatech UV LED have a comprehensive 1-year warranty against any failure.

Lifespan of Magnatech UV LED is Approximately rated at 15000 Hrs continuous operation.

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